Emma’s delicate and sensitive drawings in charcoal, chalk and pencil convey the beauty of nature in an intimate way. Her field sketches, completed outdoors in all seasons, create vivid personal portraits of trees and landscapes.

Emma’s work centres around close observation and is informed by her background as a biologist. It is characterised by taking note – focusing on what is important in the moment – and by an openness to new possibilities. Rarely leaving home without a sketchbook, she responds in a quick and instinctive manner to her surroundings, capturing fleeting changes of light and mood.

The symbiotic relationship between Emma’s creative and academic interests underpins her work as an educator in school and community settings. Through natural history drawing she inspires others to understand and appreciate the beauty, diversity and interconnectedness of living things.

Trees, as Emma says, are markers of time, place and season. Through her creative responses she encourages us to look at them more closely, to consider their significance, to take note.